فرصت شغلی
Title Water Filter Control System
Scope Supply, Design, Integration, Installation, Commissioning, Training
Customer DIGAB Co.
Structure Control Panel with Two PLC500,
End user Ahwaz Water Station II
Location Ahwaz
Date May, 1998

This water filter station consists of 12 pools. Incoming water to each pool is via channels and control  gate. A motor operated valve discharges clean water from the pool into 6” pipe. Each pool has to be washed regularly with fresh water while compressed air is fed from bottom via 12” pipe. There are separate inlets for fresh water and outlets for waste in each pool. The on/standby 200KW backwash pumps, feed clean water, and the on /standby 200kW air compressors provide air for washing process.

Control System
Automation system is responsible to control incoming /outgoing water, and water level indication /adjustment
Main items of control system are:
- Central Control Cabinet, with PLC500 with remote expansion.
- Monitoring Cabinet.
- 12 local control desks for manual operation.
Sever environmental conditions like high humidity and temperature, needed special measures to be taken during       
fabrication of control system.

HW & SW Units Comment Supplier
384 DI
196 DO
16 AI
1 EXP Contronic Co.
Visualization SW.

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