Training Systems

Title PLC Training Package
Scope Supply, Design, Integration, Installation, Commissioning, TrainingPLC500, With Operator Panel & Process Simulators
Client Indamin
End User Universities & Technical Schools
Date 2003 / 1382

Training of Skillful Technicians has always been one of most important objectives in Contronic. We have continually equipped universities and technical schools with PLC training facilities. And this is ever since MINI/ PLC came into market in 1991. This year more than 100 training stands were sent all around Iran.
All training facilities like PLC with digital/ analog input and output, process simulators, operator panel, meter… and full documentation help student to become familiar and exercise basic concepts in shortest possible time. Stands have reached such mature design that; instructors may conduct many different courses ranging from simple maintenance, programming, control, or a real project assignment.

There is a whole set of machine/ process simulators that help student to become familiar with real world. These simulators are plugged and replaced easily.

It is also easy to conclude that Contronic products have invaluable service resources through more than thousands of technicians and engineers who have been trained so far