فرصت شغلی
Title Sulzer Turbine Control panel
Scope Repair, Modification, Commissioning
Customer NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company)
Location Ramhormoz Pump Station
Date Jun, 1996

Ramhormoz station, pumps oil through 32” pipes from Maroon to Esfahan. Station pumps are coupled to Sulzer turbine model S7 with nominal power of 13000HP. A new control system with S5-135 PLC and lots of electronic interfaces and MMI has been provided for this turbine. But it was severely damaged by submerging into water during war. None of the electronic parts of PLC and especially analog sections were operational. And even all terminals were corroded.
After months of repair, and 40 days of hard work during commissioning, programs were modified and all electronics were tuned, and turbine was started with new system. And it’s worth mentioning that Contronic Co. has been highly appreciated by NIOC and this led the way to new turnkey contracts for Turbine control panels. Now after years of operation the panel is still sound and safe.

Turbine Control Panel
-S5-135U PLC having a main rack with two and processors, two expansion racks with as many IO interfaces as possible,
-A rack of analog signal conditioner interfaces
-GP and PT electronic units
-Vibration measuring electronics.
-Operator panel with 12” monitor.

Control Panel Sulzer
PLC Siemens
MMI Siemens
Analog Interfaces Sulzer

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