فرصت شغلی
Title Solar Turbine Control Package
Scope Supply, Design, Integration, Installation, Commissioning, Training
Customer NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company).
Location Eshtehard
Date Feb, 1997

Eshtehard Pump Station is located between Ray to Tabriz line. The Control System of the Solar Turbine employed in this station was obsolete and unsafe. The task was changing it with a modern and reliable control panel. The complicated task of turbine start up and running with two different kinds of fuel, together with the obsolete and nonstandard electronics of the sensors, made us design a complete flexible package.

Turbine Control Package
Our Control package has following main units: PLC500, visualization system, analog signal conditioners. The advantages of this package is:
-It can shape all analog values gathered from temperature, pressure, vibration, and position sensors by employing versatile analog modules,
-It is designed to control start-up sequence by monitoring speed, fuel, temperature, vibration, and other factors and react correspondingly,
- It monitors all alarms, and keeps all safety measures needed for long life operation of turbine,
-It is integrated with a dedicated visualization system to give better feedback from turbine status and provides event/history documentation and recording facilities.

HW & SW Units Comment Supplier
96 DI
64 DO
8 AI
1 AO
1 EXP Contronic Co.
Visualization SW
Contronic Co.

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