Signal Conditioners  
RB4, RB6
SIT200, RTD amplifiers

RB4, RB6
Relay BOX

Relay box contains four or Six 24VDC relays,

Relay box is rail mount & space saving.
Fuse and RC snobber circuit protects each Relay contact.
Relay states may be checked visually with front mounted LEDs.
There are no relay sockets and therefore no loose connection.
Repair time is minimized due to easy connection.
It is ideal for net and fast wiring of control cabinets.


Analog Signal Isolators
SIT200 & RTD amplifiers

Analog signal isolation and transmission is done with these modules. A variety of inputs are available to suit sensors like RTD, 0/4-20 mA and 0/1-5 V signals.
SIT200 and RTD amplifiers are of 3-way isolated design. Inputs, Outputs and 24VDC power supply are isolated one another.
These units enjoy high thermal stability and very linear characteristics.