It has been a continual commitment of Contronic management to satisfy all clients who use her products and services; that is why maintaining a demanding quality assurance system has been of prime importance to Contronic Company so far. Though it is usual to control and investigate all resources, processes, and final products by routine checks, and to improve the control methods according to results; yet we think the solution that grants adequate assurance is the employment of intelligent, up-to-date personnel, whom we carefully train for our objectives. That is exactly why we have so many customers in different industries. They feel Contronic is reliable enough when compared to competitors from developed countries.

In general typical products like PLC, CNC, PNDů has fairly documented test procedures, which is cautiously completed during production process. Custom-made products are designed according to user specifications and standards; everything including tests is documented; sub-systems are purchased or subcontracted to reliable partners; integration is properly managed; and final acceptance test procedures are performed to insure satisfactory operation in field.