فرصت شغلی
Title Commissioning of Bandar-Abas to Rafsanjan Pump Stations
Scope Commissioning, Training
Customer Electromach bv.
Structure Control Panel with AlenBradly PLC, Visualization integrated by Electro mach bv.
End user National Iranian Oil Company (N.I.O.C)
Location Rafsanjan, Bandar-abbas , Mehraran, and Ghotb-abad pump stations
Date Feb, 1994

A 26” pipe connects Bandar-Abas to Rafsanjan via four pump stations. ELECTROMACH of  Netherlands supplies all instrumentation and control equipment of these stations

Contronic had signed a contract with Electromach bv to do the commissioning of these lines

Control System
Control system of all stations consists of following items

HW & SW Units Comment Supplier
PLC   Allen Bradley
  Station MIMIC Rockwell Software
Station Annunciators Rockwell Software
Visualization SW. RS View. Rockwell Software