Numerical Display  
Numerical Display
For Machine Tools
ND4 and PND4 
ND4 is a 7-digit, Numerical Display. It may be installed on universal machine tools up to three axes. Together with encoders, it displays position/dimension. Online precise measurement of work–piece, production increase, low cost and reliability are the prime advantages of ND4.
We have been leading domestic market since last two decades, yet it has been our commitment to grant more features, and up to date technology at the same price. With this product you can get even more.
PND4 the programmable version has capability to automate work-piece machining process, where an expensive CNC machine is not cost justified. PND4 has necessary inputs and outputs to control one axis at a time. It enjoys user-friendly operation with text and set-point displays, 1000 line of part program memory, 9 tool compensation data, 9 zero point offsets, and many other features that satisfies expert operators.

Linear & rotary Encoders

Technical Specifications

- Mains supply 170-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
- Display 7-digits 2 CM Supper Bright Seven Segment LED
- No. of axes Two / Three
- Keyboard type Membrane
- Encoder type Linear/Rotary, 5-12 V Square. (Iskra Transducers are recommended)
- Parameters Backlash, Encoder factor
Features supported by PND400  
- Program memory Up to 10 program,100 line each
- Tool Compensation 9 tools
- Zero point offset 9 points
- Aux. display Text, set point, tool number, Program Number, Line Number
- Outputs 8 relay contacts, 1 Analog
- Parameters Acceleration, DAC offset, stop window….
Dimensions 210 x 280 x 150 mm
Environmental Condition 0-45’C
Options Encoder reference switch inputs, Serial port, Fixing Handle