فرصت شغلی
Title  Nepheline Syenite Ore Plant Control system
Scope  Supply, Design, Integration, Installation, Commissioning, Training
Customer  Ministry of Mines & Metal
Structure  Three PLC Control Panels, Motor Control Panel, Control Desk & Annunciators,   Visualization desk.
Location  Kalibar
Date  June, 2002

Nephline syenite ore plant is located in Kalibar at Tabriz province. The installed machinery consists of Jaw crusher, Cone crusher, Hoppers, Belt conveyor, Sieves, and Unloading Feeder section. The line continually receives ore at intake hopper, after crushing it, leads them to Cone crusher then to Sieve. A conveyor line feeds back oversize ore stones to cone crusher, ore finally reaches unloading section.

Control System
Control system is in charge of regulating Jaw & Cone crushers loads, adjusting ore level in each hopper, performing necessary logic during startup, run, stop, or shut down phase. Control system enclosures consist of three cabinets for logic control, a cabinet for motor drives, a central control desk with alarm annunciations and operation pushbuttons, and visualization control desk.

HW & SW Units Comment Supplier
PLC500 PLC consists of main rack with two expansions, with 288DI, 256DO, 8AI, 8AO Contronic
Inverters 18, and 15 KW Contronic
Alarm windows Two windows of 6X9 Annunciator for alarm & Status Contronic
Visualization SW. LabView NS

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