فرصت شغلی
Aux. Steam & Condensation Return System  
Gas Oil Unloading & Forwarding System
Water Distribution System
Scope Supply, Detail Design, Integration
End User Iran Power Development Company
Locationr Kerman, Damavand, & Hormozgan Power Plants
Date 2002-03/ 1381-82

Above-mentioned control panels are used in Gas Turbine Power Generator units,
in a series of power plants under construction. In spring 2002 we won the first
contract to integrate these control panels for MAPNA as a general contractor of I.P.D.C.

Waste- water resulted from electroplating line is neutralized and treated by this process. There are several tanks in which chemicals are added and mixed and the result is checked for next step of neutralization.
This project is also important as a historical step towards turnkey solution of automation system provided by Contronic Co. because the first visualization software to work with our PLC were developed and employed in this process.

Design modifications, detail design, Integration, programming, complete shop test, and final approval of client’s engineers, has been done in shortest possible time and all with Contronic products. All panels integrated with the state of the art technology according to stringent criteria that were imposed by consultant, and commissioned very soon in Kerman Power Plant.After that we started to fabricate more panels for other Power Plants.

This was another step towards implementation of Contronic systems in power industries, and another success due to our powerful engineering potentials, and production capacity.PLC500 at the heart of control panel with a whole set of accessories like Alarm Windows, Power supplies, Analog Signal Isolators, proved their superiority over imported brands, with convincing quality for such applications.

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