فرصت شغلی
Title Power Transformer Flexible Core-Plate Cut and Punch Machine
Scope Design, Integration, Wiring, Installation, Commissioning, Training
Customer Iran–Transfo Factory (GEORG machine)
Date July, 1990

Machine Overview
This forty meter complex machine consists of uncoiling, tension adjustment, three punches, cutter, XY table, unload and sorting units with lots of sensors, motors, and hydraulic jacks. It uncoils and cuts transformer core laminations, positions punchers precisely and rapidly in proper place. After finishing all programmed punches and cuts it unloads the core sheet and sorts them out for further processes.
This project was the first attempt in Iran to replace an old control system by a modern CNC controller.
The old control system had a PDP-11 mini computer as position controller and many discrete logic cards to perform auxiliary controls needed by machine.

Control System Overview
Control system consists of Sinumerik 820 CNC with following configuration:
- Two measuring axes with two servo drives.
- 480 digital Input / Output.
- Integrated Operator Panel & Monitor.
- Especial software was developed to automatically convert dimensions of the sheets into   CNC part program.

HW & SW Units Comment Supplier
CNC 820CNC, 2 Measuring Axis, 480 digital IO Siemens