فرصت شغلی
Title Electroplating Line Automation
Scope Supply, Design, Integration, Installation, Commissioning, Training
Customer IEI -Sanaye Electronic Iran
Location Tehran
Date Jan, 1997

This Electroplating Line has 68 chemical containers. Two lifts with longitudinal and vertical motions are used to transfer parts between containers. 30 programs that cover many different types of coating processes including: Zinc, Brass, Silver, Tin, Nickel, Gold and so on work on this line with operator selection through visualization station.

Control System
APLC500 with 128 DI, 96 DO, and 64 AI signal is the heart of the controller. A visualization station is added for selection of process, putting/removing tanks into/out of process and ease of operation.

PLC Contronic
Visualization Contronic

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