فرصت شغلی
Title Electroplating Line Control System
Scope Supply, Design, Integration, Wiring, Installation, Commissioning, Training
Customer Indamin
Date May, 1991

Hard Chrome Electroplating Line has 13 containers with different chemicals, a lift with vertical and longitudinal motions, and high current rectifiers. Parts to be coated are loaded at loading station and are transferred to containers step by step with defined sequence and timing and finally unloaded at end station.
This project is important as a historical step towards turnkey solution of automation system provided by Contronic Co. Since then larger and more complex electroplating lines have been automated with our PLC

Control System
First generation of Contronic’s MINI PLC and in its first industrial application is applied in this project with 72 digital inputs and 48 digital outputs. A large seven-segment display with keyboard is used as man machine interface.

HW & SW Units Comment Supplier
72 DI
48 DO
Contronic Co.
10CM 7-Seg and Keyboard
Contronic Co.

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