فرصت شغلی
Title Continuous Annealing Furnace
Scope Supply, Detail Design, Integration, Commissioning  
Client Iran Piston
Date 2003,08,06/ 1382,4,15

Iran Piston located in industrial zone of Tabriz makes piston for car engine.
Last year the factory bought a new Furnace Line and Contronic was responsible for
retrofitting of its control system. Total system solution was given to Iran Piston
within 5 months from design to commissioning and full capacity production.

Gejhenpin is threaded and annealed by this line, for further machining process. Parts are placed in metal baskets and forwarded by conveyor lines to the gate of tunnel furnace. Furnace itself consists of five temperatures zones. Quantity of burners from zone one to five is 6,3,6,5, and 5 respectively. This variable quantity is due to heat gradient demand along the tunnel. BMS is of impulse type and controlled by PLC. The temperature along furnace starts around 550’C to 800’C in the last zone. Five temperature controllers together with PLC are responsible to maintain temperatures according to heating protocol. The baskets are then transferred to cooling area, which consists of three fans. Here temperature decreases down to 200’C. It takes almost twenty-two hours for one basket to travel from entrance gate to the exit gate of the furnace. Production rate is one basket an hour; and a lot of different mechanical actuators and motors are involved to move basket through the line.

Control System configuration:
The control system consists of two electrical and control panels and a control desk with process MIMIC. PLC system is of distributed type with three racks. Inside monitoring system Process status, production reports, temperature graphs for each zone, alarm logs, shot downs, and system events are visualized and archived for future use. At the same time PLC Inputs, Outputs, and Flags are accessible and tagged by monitoring system for maintenance purposes.

Control System Main Items Supplier
Two panels, control desk, MIMIC Contronic
PLC500, Main and two exp. racks field bus Connection, 192 DI, 288 DO, 16 AI Contronic
Monitoring station Contronic

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