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Contronic was founded by the IDRO (Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran)  since 1981 and has moved to private sector since 1994.
Since then Contronic has grown into a medium sized company, based in Tehran, Iran.

1- We produce industrial control systems including CNC, PLC, Digital Readout and some Dedicated        Controllers.
2- We supply control systems and components to the: Oil, Gas,Petrochemical,Automotive, and              Cement, Steel, Water and other  industries.
3- We also produce a range of control panels from customer specifications and requirements
    right through to final testing and packing, including on site commissioning.

As a systems integrator and manufacturing company, our objective is to become our customers’ strategic technology partner, by providing a total solution to maximize their business advantage. We do this through exceptional service delivery and quality, which is only possible due to the high quality of people we employ and the culture in which we operate

Below are just some of the reasons why our customers have chosen Contronic.

Proven technology
Our products have been in service since 20 years ago, they are still functional and will be for the next decades. We consistently work on our products to keep them updated and add new capabilities.

The right size of supplier
Small enough to care but big and experienced enough to deliver. “Your business is important to Contronic - we cannot afford to fail to deliver to your expectations”. Many clients are not happy receiving consultancy and services from suppliers who are so big that they put little significance on the success of a project, or so small (such as contractors) where continuity beyond the current assignment cannot be guaranteed.

Cost effective
Contronic’s size and “lean” structure with little unnecessary management layers means that the overheads are lower than many of the competitors who can operate in this space. Contronic has a stated policy to pass these savings on to its clients, ultimately lowering the cost of its engagements.

Strategic Business Experience
Having over twenty years of specific experience in the provision of control solutions, Contronic have engaged with all major sectors and client types allowing the provision of much more than simple technology consultancy. The Company has a number of experienced consultants who do not just have an excellent technical background, but who also have sound business knowledge and experience and can give impartial bespoke advice and assistance up to Board level. They all have a proven track record in accurately assessing the needs of a Customer. They can give appropriate strategic presentations and produce detailed feasibility and proposal documentation. This can prove invaluable to those who have many key decisions to make on a day-to-day basis thereby saving the Customer both time and money.
Contronic enjoys a few strategic business divisions to handle its objectives. Including Engineering and application division, Applied Research center, Production department, Training center and Trade Department.

Total solution
Contronic has total solution for automation projects. We not only have many key products in our production line and stock but also have a deep understanding of state-of-the-art technologies available. That’s why we have always been successful to satisfy customers’ objectives.

Contronic is a people business and it is both the technical and interpersonal skills of its staff, which have been the driving force behind the Company’s growth and stability. There is a “Contronic's culture” which has been passed on from generation to generation since the Company’s formation. The Company knows what is required from both current and future staff and its recruitment process is carefully geared to only recruit people with the right skills both technical and interpersonal. Employees are continuously monitored and trained. This process ensures that the Company consists of a range of people from all levels and disciplines which ensure that it always has the right skills available in house to solve any issues which may arise with a Customer.