TANDISAZ 450 is a CNC controller suitable for machines up to 4 axes and one spindle including Mill and Lathe.
It has modular design housed in 19” rack with integrated PLC, operator panel and color monitor

Part program editing may be done via text editor with on line help, teach-in utility menu, or on the office PC.
Complete alpha- numeric keypad, together with on line “Persian” help, makes programming an easy task. Virtually any shape may be programmed, by using extensive G-codes, embedded math functions, parameter programming, subroutine calls, and many other useful features.
Graphic simulator helps verification of the results.

Commissioning of the controller is easily done, by programming PLC, adopting extensive machine parameter, axis data and CNC-PLC interface data.
Supporting accessories like encoders, scales, feed and spindle drives are also available to complete the whole CNC controller package.
Reliable hardware, best after sales services, and training make our CNC the best choice in IRAN.

CNC Features:
- Measuring circuit
- Analog output
- Axes travel limits
- Max Speed
- Interpolation
- Main operating modes
- Editors
- Other utilities
- Program storage capacity
- Tool table
- Diagnostic system

PLC Features:
- Program edit & debugging
- Program memory
- Scan time
- IO space
- Other registers

Base System Configuration
- Electronic
- Console

5 inputs including spindle, with 5-12 volt input level

+/- 10 volt, 13 bit
-999 Micron,+/- 99,999
24 m/min
Linear between all 4 Axes, Circular, follow up
Setup, Incremental, Jog, Auto, Reference
Part program Editor, Machine data editor
Program handling, Simulator, Teach-in & Measuring utility
250 KB on Flash disk
100 compensation data
Self diagnostic, messaging, online help, service and debugging windows, Plus 96 user messages

Via integrated console & editor
7196 Instruction
72 m-sec
256 Free inputs, 256 Free outputs
16 Timers, 16 Counters, 1000 DW, 256 Flags, 1024 Memory

19 Rack with 3 Measuring Circuit, 24 Digital Input, 24 Digital Output
14 Color monitor, Editing keypad & Operators Key