Controller of Ring 319  
Contronic has been the supplier of Control units with modern design to Iran Textile Industries that build RING Spinning Machines since 1992.But a drawback of RING319 from Zinser co. is that despite fair or maintainable condition of mechanical parts, the control unit, has always degraded machine production, and profit. The incorporated HTL electronic, is obsolete, uneasy to maintain, and quite expensive.Our latest innovation is that we retrofit the electronics once and for all, simply by removing the old controller, and installing a Programmed PLC  with the price of just a card.

Here are the features:

Electronic rack AH1-A1 is replaced with mini controller TPL80-32R, with full compatibility. A display is added for error indication, faultfinding, and machine state indication. Machine operation is optimized by integrated software timers Wiring modifications and substitution process are done with in a day Any further need of modification is possible via software. Computer connection for data acquisition.

Contronic has also in production line, a special programmable AC motor control for Ring Machines. This controller regulates main spindle speed and acceleration at different stage of spinning process, depending on the thread material. And hence it enhances production quality and speed, minimizes thread cuts, and also releases service engineers from mechanical speed regulator repair.



Accessories for subsitution :
TPL80_32R(Programmed PLC)
Relaybox (8 relays)
24VDC ,2A supply

Display DP04