Operator’s Panel     
OP02 is a compact HMI for PLC500 and MiniPLCs with CPU8x.
OP02 is configured using OP02CFG configuring software tool through which Variables, Messages and Faults can easily be assigned to the corresponding tags in the PLC.
OP02 is connected to the PLC via a single RS232 cable.
Variables, Messages and Faults are assigned English plain texts in configuration phase and stored in permanent memory of OP02.

OP02 is best suited for small processes and machines.
- 4 x 20 Character LCD
- Monitoring & Editing timers, counters, and other variables.
- Storage capacity for 160 Variables, 160 Messages &160 Alarms in 10 Groups.
- Password protection on each variable
- User- friendly PC software for Editing Messages and Alarms.
- RS232 Connection to PLC.

Technical Specification

CPU 8031
Memory 8kb EEprom
Programmer IBM PC
Display 4 * 20 Characters LCD
Fault 160 (in 10 Groups)
Variable 160 (in 10 Groups)
Message 160 (in 10 Groups)
Communication RS 232
Input Voltage 12V dc
Dimension H,W,D 120 * 185 * 43 mm